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5 Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Make Shopping New Construction Easier

Buying a new build seems simple, right? Just choose a floor plan and in a few months, you'll have a brand new home ready to move into. But it's not that simple.

Having an experienced real estate agent on your side can provide an immense sense of peace of mind because you have someone in your corner.

Read on to learn about 5 ways we can help.

1. Help you find a reputable builder

Real estate agents have experience as well as colleagues on which they can rely to help you find a trustworthy builder. With extensive knowledge of the area, real estate agents are up to speed on which builders suit each family.

An agent will consider things such as:

  • quality of workmanship

  • how the builder has resolved past issues

  • what kind of warranty they offer

Real estate agents use their experience to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are getting into.

2. Go to bat for you

The time it takes to get into a new construction home is typically longer than that of a home that's already built. This means there is extra time for things to go south.


  • construction delays

  • financing issues

  • permit concerns

An agent can help you navigate these dark areas.

3. Help you review your contract

Even if you've purchased a home before, the contract for a new build is totally different. A real estate agent can help you make sure you understand everything from floor plans to earnest money requirements, deadlines for requesting changes, and timelines for completion.

It’s crucial to have a third party who represents your interests in the transaction,” says Dmitry Yusim, a Seattle-area agent who has represented new construction buyers.

A good agent can add the proper addenda to protect you if something falls through.

4. Assist with negotiations

Agents know the areas where you’ll find the most wiggle room when it comes to negotiations.

Builders are trying to keep their sales price up so that the next buyers through the door see the higher closing price," explains agent Britt Wibmer of Windermere Real Estate in Seattle.

They’d much rather throw in closing costs or additional upgrade credits.

5. Point you towards smart upgrade choices

Builders will offer you endless options for finishes and upgrades, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

A seasoned real estate agent can:

  • recommend the upgrades that will get you the most bang for your buck in resale value

  • suggest finishes that might be cheaper to do on your own

  • help you avoid over-improving, which can jeopardize your appraisal before closing

When it costs you nothing, doesn't it seem like a great idea to have a professional by your side? Before you look into new construction, find a real estate agent so you know your time, money, and new home are protected.

Have you purchased a new build home? Did you have an agent representing you or did you do it all on your own? We would love to hear about it!


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